Website for X-CONS

Great Graphics sponsors the non-profit organisation X-CONS with their website and it’s updates. X-CONS takes a huge social responsibility and Great Graphics is proud to help. The website is designed so that members of the association can easily access information and to showcase their sponsors. Many thanks for all the fine work you are doing for so many people who needs it, it is really enjoyable to work with you.

About the organisation:

X-CONS is a nonprofit organization where former criminals and addicts help each other back into society and through a breakaway from the organisation KRIS in late 2008, changed its name in 2009 to X-CONS. The organisation’s purpose is to support and guide the criminals and addicts and newly released to an honest and drug-free life. The organization’s main compound is in Stockholm with about 500 members, and then there are the local association in Jämtland / Härjedalen and a lot of branches and embryos to the X-CONS compounds in the rest of the country. Including Borlange, Sollentuna, Haninge and Gotland, and a lot of other places. Also an international engagement by starting X-CONS in other countries. Read more at http://x-cons.se