Web development for Medcura

CEO Niclas Cleverling at Medcura AB, a successful staffing company with in the health care sector, contacted Great Graphics regarding the development of the company’s new website. Medcuras website would be available in two languages, easy to update and easy to navigate with a responsive layout. Niclas had a clear vision of how he wanted the site to be designed. Later Great Graphics also helped develop Medcura Doctor, an add-on for Medcura.se only dealing with recruitment of physicians and doctors. Both websites where to be linked together and be unified in design and appearance.

About the company

Medcura is a successful staffing company in the healthcare industry. The company was founded in the year of 2009. Medcura hire and recruit doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff. Our services covers everything from providing private and public health care companies and organisations with occasional substitutes for the day to staff entire departments, units and surgical teams.


From our headquarters in central Stockholm, we are responsible for assignments to both municipalities, counties and a large number of private providers from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south. Read more at http://medcura.se




Medcura HemsidaMedcura HemsidaMedcura HemsidaMedcura Hemsida