Logotype for the web tool SILO

Researchers and chief developer Simon Elvnäs contacted Great Graphics when he created the web tool SILO. Great Graphics created a logo for the software, and was involved in the design and layout of the platform itself. ”We have developed SILO to give leaders a tool for raising awareness of what they do, the impact of their leadership and make their work with their changes more visible and measurable. Through a conscious influence of SILO lets managers and leaders test new ways to lead and do more or less of various specific behaviors. Based on how they think they should develop better leadership. SILO visualize each supervisor’s development. It is an effective method for reflection and increased effect of leadership in business. Using our tools we offer you a practical management development, based on a scientific basis and with the measurable impact of the leader’s execution.” Simon Elvnäs

About the company:

Behavioral methods is a knowledge portal where we collect science and research on work on behavioral changes in businesses and organizations. We collaborate with leading researchers and institutions for sustainable leadership, evidence-based practices for implementation and sustainable behavior changes in development and change. Our business is driven by knowledge and not profit. Through an interactive research, we develop projects with partners in both the municipal, county, state and private business. The entrance is that with the scientific basis of the theory, tools and techniques can help to develop new knowledge and sustainable development and the change directly in the participating businesses. Read more at http://beteendemetoder.se   Great Graphics. - SILO logotyp, Simon Elvnäs, KTH