Website and advertising for Heving & Hägglund

The assignment for Heving & amp; Hagglund started with a production of a new website that the company could grow with. Over the last three years, the website has undergone three refinements but still retained the same basic design and layout. Ads and a minor refinement of the logo (typography adjustments) has also been made in 2014. Heving & amp; Hagglund has also founded the companies NymanWänseth and Upplands Markentreprenader where Great Graphics has been creating the graphic profile from scratch with Heving & amp; Hägglunds graphical profile as a base. The new companies will use the same colors and breathe Heving & amp; Hagglund.

About the company

Heving & Hägglund has experience in construction work in offices, schools, hospitals, housing and culture buildings. Our services are required by both the private and the public sector. All work shall be carried out with the motto environment, quality, time and finances. With this we want to achieve a high customer value for the clients and allow for a great long term relationship. With skilled staff and advanced control system, we want to simplify the construction process for our clients. We deliver production in a simple way. Read more at http://hevingohagglund.se