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Inger Lagerquist at In Touch – Coaching & Consulting, hired Great Graphics for the design of a logo and a responsive website. It was important for Inger to the styling would feel soft and harmonious, yet businesslike. With abstract forms and softness in the color range with stricter typography we got the best of both worlds.

Om Företaget:

In tocuh – Coaching & Consulting was founded on the vision that all people can find a balance between career, personal life, mental and physical health. We have abilities within us and opportunities in our environment that are easily blocked by negative thoughts and behavior patterns. We want to be there and delete these blockages and help create a future for people, companies and organizations filled with more peace of mind, better health and more success.


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Great Graphics - In touch logotypeGreat Graphics - In touch websiteGreat Graphics - In touch websiteGreat Graphics - In touch logotype