Graphic profile for Specialbyggen Sweden AB

Specialbyggen Sweden AB is a newly established construction company from 2014 that specializes in the private construction sector. CEO Pär Sjölund had a clear vision of what he wanted the company to represent and communicate. As the company was newly established, the task at hand was to build the brand from the ground up. We development a basic communicative platform to clarify what Specialbyggen shall represent and communicate. The company’s core values, value words and USP / ESP. After the bases with brand foundation we continued with the design of the logo, and then the website. Pär has throughout the process have had a very clear vision of what the company should convey which has eased the process.

About the company

Specialbyggen is a modern contracting company with old master builders ancestry. Our passion has always been to develop and improve. In an industry, which many consider to be conservative, we are proud to be a building contractor of the new generation. We care about the building contractor traditions in Sweden, but at the same time, we want to develop and improve the tradition. We want to build more cost-effective, get a better final production and create a unique building experience for our customers.


A collaboration with a direct and open dialogue gives you as our client full transparency from start to finish, which in turn creates a security that the right quality and economy is achieved. We believe in long term relationships and our intention is to always exceed your expectations – We make good things better!