Graphical profile for Aplite LLC

The newly started company aplite LLC in New Jersey hired Great Graphics for the design of a logo and a responsive website. The website was made in a Swedish version and an American version. It was the owner’s wishes, Mattias Berglund, the website would not be bilingual, but that there would be two separate sites. The logo would have a modern design with a prominent icon that ultimately can be used separately to represent the brand.

About the company

Aplite Creative LLC was founded in 2015 with offices in New Jersey, we also have representatives in New York, Boston and Stockholm. We are a soft ware sales company that specializes in app development and offer simple mobile marketing solutions for companies. Our vision is to provide apps in order to widen the mobile market and to make it easy for companies to reach their customers. Through a series of technical functions, we at Aplite believe that the application will simplify for, and make our customers visible on a market with enormous potential. Read more at http://aplite.net