We offer a 360 degree coverage of your marketing needs. As a client this means that you have one contact person that you can turn to concerning all your marketing needs. Whether it be a new website, a logotype, advertising, signage or consultation and marketing strategies we are commited to prompt delivery with the highest creative standards. We can help you with Brand Development, Advertising, Graphic Design Programmes, Websites, Information Material, Logotypes, Trade Fair Material, Commercials for TV and Web and Printed Matter.


If you have an idea you would realise or if you need help to develope a completely new concept we are here to help you.

Websites and webdevelopment

Your website represents your company´s personality on the internet.We love web design and website development. We want your customers to easily find you on the internet, be attracted by your service or product and be lead to buy or establish contact. We want those visitors that come to your website via Google or other search motors to be transformed into customers and generate business. We respect your independence. We work with Open Source Systems as a publishing tool. We do not bind you to us by contract but would build a long-term relationship based on quality, creative collaboration, service and ultimately you as a satisfied client.


We believe in development, learning, creativity and knowledge. Contact us and we will help you to realise your marketing goals.




We at Great Graphics will help you to develope a marketing strategy that will increase your market share. We conduct media analysis identifying where we can most effectively contact your target audience and where your marketing activities will generate the greatest effect and thereby create the best return on your marketing investment. Our concept is that thorough groundwork generates greater penetration, higher target acuracy and better results.

Concept development

We are convinced that all elements in a successful and profitable concept must work together. A ”red thread” that, irrespective of where your customer encounters you, ensures that he will always receive a consistantly positive experience and image of your company. Together ,we will evolve a concept that accords with your brand image and your business plan and is tailored to your target audience, current trends and market requirements. If you have thoughts or questions on how Great Graphics can help you to develope, improve or create a new concept, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Graphic design

A strong graphic profile is the foundation of all your marketing activities. It represents your company values and attracts your target audience. It is of paramount importance that a company, authority or organisation present a consistant image wherever it encounters the target audience. Care should be taken in communicating who you are and what you wish to achieve. Do you need a new logotype? Perhaps a new graphic profile? Irrespective of what your needs may be, we have the skills, the enthusiasm and the ambition to help you.


Aplite Logotype - Great Graphics