Our business plan

We care about your company, your brand and your sales. When we work with you we are not only interested in the specific project at hand but in your company as a whole. Here at Great Graphics we would help your company achieve an increased share of market, increased sales, market establishlishment and a strong brand image. With skill, creativity , solid research and a close collaboration with you we would create advertising and marketing strategies that work effectively.

Let us make a suggestion?

Do you have a great idea that you would realise? Do you wonder which marketing strategy you should implement? Do you need help to make a realistic budget for your marketing? Do you know which communication channels you should focus on? Do you know what the best prospects are to make just your company visible. Contact us for an informal meeting where we can discuss different possibilities and alternatives over a cup of coffee. It´s always a good start to know what alternatives are available.



A website that is adaptable

Today, usage of mobile units is increasing in an unprecidented way. We have expanded our surf toolbox from stationary computers and lap-tops to smart phones, and surf pads in all shapes and sizes. This creates new demands on web design and user templates. To fail to take into account this development is to risk loosing competitive edge. Make you information and the presentation of your company on the internet easily accessible and user-friendly irrespective of which tool your customer is useing to contact you. With responsive design your website can detect what screen size your visitor is using and adjust the contents and layout thereafter. A website that is adaptable.


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Creative solutions that work for you

We combine creativity with business development in all its facets. How can we , in a creative way, help you and your company increase profitability, strengthen your brand, increase your share of market or create a new company image? Our goal is not just to create an advertsing campaign for your company but to create an advertising campaign that increases your sales, establishes you in the market place and generates a positive long term effect. Profitability and desired goals are always our first priority, not an ”original ”campaign for it´s own sake. We do what´s best for your company.