Graphic profile for NymanWänseth

NymanWänseth Builder (NWBM) is a private owned company that has been operating since 2013. The company was established in 2007 by Heving & amp; Hägglund in Östersund, when ownership changed the company changed its name and needed a logo and a new website. Since the company was founded by Heving & amp; Hagglund, one of the requirements for the graphic design was that we would use the same colors and the same feel as Heving & Hägglunds graphic profile. In 2015 we started to work on a upgraded website for NymanWänseth. (mer…)

Graphical profile for In touch – Coaching & Consulting

Inger Lagerquist at In Touch – Coaching & Consulting, hired Great Graphics for the design of a logo and a responsive website. It was important for Inger to the styling would feel soft and harmonious, yet businesslike. With abstract forms and softness in the color range with stricter typography we got the best of both worlds.


Website for Effektstudion AB

Effektstudion AB is Scandinavia’s largest and most international studio for effect makeup, mask effects and animatronics. Göran Lundström, owner and CEO of Effektstudion AB had a very clear vision of how he wanted their website to be designed. He designed himself photoshop templates that we at Great graphics could work from. Göran chose not to make the website responsive as he wanted to have full control of all the design elements. The website is unique with different design templates for each sub-page but at the same time with a unified design. (mer…)

Website and consultation for AMO-Tryck

Website development as well as consulting and planning in marketing. Christer and Roger AMO Press wanted to get more visitors to their website and get more inquiries from new customers. The work began with a new responsive website, which then continued with a monthly contract with the online marketing as Adwords, SEO and social media. A folder has also been produced in order to introduce the company and various printing techniques for customers. The website also has a newsletter function where AMO-Tryck themselves can manage and create different newsletters to their clients. (mer…)

Website for X-CONS

Great Graphics sponsors the non-profit organisation X-CONS with their website and it’s updates. X-CONS takes a huge social responsibility and Great Graphics is proud to help. The website is designed so that members of the association can easily access information and to showcase their sponsors. Many thanks for all the fine work you are doing for so many people who needs it, it is really enjoyable to work with you.


Web development for Medcura

CEO Niclas Cleverling at Medcura AB, a successful staffing company with in the health care sector, contacted Great Graphics regarding the development of the company’s new website. Medcuras website would be available in two languages, easy to update and easy to navigate with a responsive layout. Niclas had a clear vision of how he wanted the site to be designed. Later Great Graphics also helped develop Medcura Doctor, an add-on for only dealing with recruitment of physicians and doctors. Both websites where to be linked together and be unified in design and appearance. (mer…)

Website and advertising for Heving & Hägglund

The assignment for Heving & amp; Hagglund started with a production of a new website that the company could grow with. Over the last three years, the website has undergone three refinements but still retained the same basic design and layout. Ads and a minor refinement of the logo (typography adjustments) has also been made in 2014. Heving & amp; Hagglund has also founded the companies NymanWänseth and Upplands Markentreprenader where Great Graphics has been creating the graphic profile from scratch with Heving & amp; Hägglunds graphical profile as a base. The new companies will use the same colors and breathe Heving & amp; Hagglund. (mer…)

Graphical profile for Aplite LLC

The newly started company aplite LLC in New Jersey hired Great Graphics for the design of a logo and a responsive website. The website was made in a Swedish version and an American version. It was the owner’s wishes, Mattias Berglund, the website would not be bilingual, but that there would be two separate sites. The logo would have a modern design with a prominent icon that ultimately can be used separately to represent the brand.


Webshop and graphic profile for

Daniela Brito founded the company and the webshop in 2014. Great Graphics helped develop everything from logo and print productions to advertisements and the main webshop made in open source. Daniela wanted a stylish and clean graphic design that made clothes make the impression. A logo that felt vibrant with a simple expression and a webshop that she could easily update herself without any fixed fees. With WordPress and WooCommerce as platform she has full control over her own webshop. (mer…)

Graphic profile for Specialbyggen Sweden AB

Specialbyggen Sweden AB is a newly established construction company from 2014 that specializes in the private construction sector. CEO Pär Sjölund had a clear vision of what he wanted the company to represent and communicate. As the company was newly established, the task at hand was to build the brand from the ground up. We development a basic communicative platform to clarify what Specialbyggen shall represent and communicate. The company’s core values, value words and USP / ESP. After the bases with brand foundation we continued with the design of the logo, and then the website. Pär has throughout the process have had a very clear vision of what the company should convey which has eased the process. (mer…)

Logotype for the web tool SILO

Researchers and chief developer Simon Elvnäs contacted Great Graphics when he created the web tool SILO. Great Graphics created a logo for the software, and was involved in the design and layout of the platform itself. ”We have developed SILO to give leaders a tool for raising awareness of what they do, the impact of their leadership and make their work with their changes more visible and measurable. Through a conscious influence of SILO lets managers and leaders test new ways to lead and do more or less of various specific behaviors. Based on how they think they should develop better leadership. SILO visualize each supervisor’s development. It is an effective method for reflection and increased effect of leadership in business. Using our tools we offer you a practical management development, based on a scientific basis and with the measurable impact of the leader’s execution.” Simon Elvnäs (mer…)

New graphic profile for Auto Care

Robert Bengtsson, CEO of Auto Care Northern Europe AB wanted to develop a new logo and website when the company changed its name from Auto Shine to Auto Care. Robert wanted a pure and simple logo and a graphic form that felt modern, timeless and spoke to both companies and individuals. The project began with the design of the logo, then when it was designed and completed work began on the responsive website.